The Art of Unlearning

It’s eaier to default, to do things as I’ve always done them. So when God makes it clear he wants me to do thingIMG_1733 sms differently it’s a challenge.

We started a church in Tottenham a few years back with the clear mandate to do things differently. From time to time we find each other gravitating back to traditional thinking that used to please us and kept us comfortable. It’s harder to be living in step with a King who is restless to change the culture of his church, as well as this world, and bring in his Kingdom.

This week we’ve been giving the garden it’s winter tidy and filled several bags with dead leaves and pruned branches. While doing this I realised what unlearning is all about – letting God cut out old ways which aren’t bearing fruit ready for incineration – ouch! And then letting him cut back fruitful ideas so they regrow in new ways to be effective for changing times.


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