Beware of Smugness.

It was the first week back after the Burgerfest and we suggested to the youth group that they might like to try cooking again. They decided on pancakes – a bit early I know – but they wanted to serve each other, organising a sort of cafe. Wow, they really did get it! Fantastic I thought, I could write a triumphant blog about another ground breaking session of youth work. Alas it wasn’t my finest hour!IMG_1867 small

Smugness is dangerous. It says, “I’ve made, I know it all” which makes me blind to both what I need to learn and also what I need to unlearn. At the start of Philippians 4 we read how the wheels were coming off Paul’s Philippi Project. His response – to rejoice! Now to rejoice is not only a happiness not dependant on circumstances – there’s more, To rejoice in the Lord is alos to delight in being a disciple, not having made it and feeling smug while the rest work it out. It’s realising only God knows best and revelling in a journey of discovery with the King and those in his Kingdom.

And that’s just the start! Beware of Smugness.



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