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Look no hands!

wheel blurSometimes I get stuck on a verse. The latest has been Philippians 2:12 where Paul says, “work out your faith with fear and trembling” or to be more accurate with nerve shredding terror! While I was chewing on this, one of the n:flame Gap Year students dropped in for a mentor meeting. As we talked about an issue I presented him with an imaginary scenario – if you were driving along in a car and you had to choose between holding onto the steering wheel or keeping you foot on the accelerator which would you go for? He chose the wheel, and I guess most of us would.

But it got me thinking about how I work out my salvation with nerve shredding terror. It’s the complete opposite to my natural instincts, like letting go of the wheel and pushing the accelerator to the floor. If salvation starts when I say “Jesus is Lord” I work it out by letting him take the metaphorical wheel. I say. “You are The Way, give my life your direction, your Kingdom come”. But at the same time the only way it can be the least bit scary is if I have the faith to live his way with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, with everything I’ve got, foot to the floor living turbocharged by the Holy Spirit. Wohoooo!