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Good News

It’s time to blog again with some good news from Tottenham

I like to support our local shops and the other Saturday I went to collect a coat from the dry cleaners and then pick up a newspaper. As I went to pay in the newsagents I realised that I’d dropped my wallet. Not good news I know, so bear with me.

So I checked the paper shop but it was nowhere to be seen. Panicing slightly, I headed back to the dry cleaners and met a Somali teenager holding up what looked like my wallet so people could see that it had been lost and that he was looking for the owner.

“i think you’ve found my wallet!” I said
“That’s good,” he replied, “but you need to tell me your name first!”

So I told him who I was and straight away he handed over the wallet, even refusing to take the reward that I offered him, and off he went in the other direction.

As I headed home I realised that I was pleased but not surprised about how this teenager had helped me, and that made me doubly happy. I like living in the city.